Bakels Baking Mix 700g


Grab a bargain and stop food waste, shop our stock that is still good or at/or past best before date. One of our biggest hates is food waste. Millions of tons of food is wasted every year because of the arbitrary ‘Best By’ date on food labels. The 'Best Before' date indicates when the quality of the product may begin to change. It is not a safety issue. Food can be sold beyond it's 'Best Before' date provided it is still fit for consumption. (Page 5, NZ FOOD SAFETY AUTHORITY, April 2010) Just to be clear, the Best By date is when the manufacturer thinks their food may have reached it’s full flavour deadline. The manufacturer wants you to buy and eat their products more often so a short date works best for them. This doesn’t mean the food is not still delicious and, most importantly, SAFE TO EAT. We encourage you to think differently about food date labels and take advantage of our very special cut price products in our dedicated clearance category.

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