GF Flour Basics!


GF Flour Basics!

Date Written: 24/12/2020

We sell a lot of flour, and I mean a lot. In doing so, we come across every conceivable query or question relating to the vast array of flours that are available to help GF diets and coeliacs alike.

To help out people while they navigate the confusion, we ask one question and depending on the answer take two approaches: Would you describe yourself as a foodie? If no, then see item 1 below, and if yes, see item 2

  • Here we point you straight toward all of the awesome premixed flours. Premixes are an excellent way to cover off most of your day to day needs to replace wheat-based flour. There are straight 1 for 1 type flours like this super popular plain flour from Phoenix that you would use in the pantry as a staple instead of regular flour, and then there are a bunch of other mixes targeted toward a more specific purpose e.g. Well & Good make great blends for both savoury and sweet However, for those less inclined to the flour board, we nudge them straight toward our big range of baking mixes.
  • For the foodies, things get pretty exciting and damn confusing to get started. This great article provides an outline of the key different flours used in GF baking and cooking. As per their descriptors, they all have different attributes to support the desired outcome. A scone or a sponge? A pancake or a carrot cake? Hard core foodies will experiment and test for the right outcomes and this short blog is not the right place to try and provide ratios to get the perfect quiche base, but the table will help illustrate the applications of the different flours and this great article here from Fork & Beans is a great place to start for getting your bench dirty and giving it a nudge
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